Blogger Portraits

Attention, bloggers, influencers & creative business owners…

Are you ready to up your game? 
Do you want beautifully curated images for social media and your blog, edited in your very own style and scheduled to post a month in advance?


 This is me - Gemma! I will be sharing my photography experience and helping you curate unique imagery to represent you, your  blog or your business. This is me – Gemma! I will be sharing my photography experience and helping you curate unique imagery to represent you, your blog or your business.

Why get Professional portraits?

1. I have 10 years of photography experience & am a blogger so understand your needs

2. Quickly build your own signature style that you get recognised for, making you stand out from the crowd

3. Instantly allows you to post consistent content helping you to create a loyal following 

4. No more fumbling for stock photos for your pages

5. Improve your viewing experience & SEO with your own photography

6. Turn your energy and efforts into your content knowing that your imagery is taken care of

7. No more forcing your unenthusiastic partner to take photographs everywhere you go


Here’s how we’ll do it:

*1 hour on location photoshoot in Suffolk every month

*I will research and plan places within that location prior to the shoot to suit you

*You can bring up to 4 changes of clothes

*I promise to keep shoots fun and make you feel at ease in front of the camera

*I will narrow down the photographs to the best ones

*I will edit them to your signature vibe which we will create together

*You will get a link to digitally download your images ready to post on your blog and social media pages

*No pressure to credit me for the images



*Your very own creative photoshoot each month

*Curated imagery for your blog, website & social media pages

*No more having to use stock imagery

*Your own signature style

*Let your audience get to know the real you

*Build a dedicated following that is invested in you

*Give your customers an insight into your products and ethic

*Cancel at any time

Monthly Collection
Initial consultation including planning and 1.5hr shoot
One-off fee £65
followed by 1x hour monthly photoshoot
£60 per month


Flexible collection
1x hour photoshoot when you need it £80

Includes travel 20 miles from Woodbridge, Suffolk – extra mileage will be chargeable

Limited availability 

Due to blogging commitments myself, I will have limited availability and will be opening this service up to 4 people initially.
To ask questions, have a chat or to book please contact Gemma –

Having a Business launch, product launch or something exciting happening?

I know you’ll want to shout about it! If you are launching your new business, shouting about a new product or hosting an event…I can document it for you, giving you professional & fun imagery to share with your followers and your clients. Contact me with the details.