Top 5 Tips: How NOT to choose your wedding photographer

The ring is on your finger, the date is firmly in your diary and your venue is booked, so what’s next? Many couples head to google to start scouting out local companies to contribute to their big day and especially start looking for a photographer. The photographer is a huge decision. This person will be as good as family on the day. They will be with you through the nervous preparations, the stress of getting to the venue on time and throughout every ‘hope it all goes ok’ moment on the day. It needs to be someone you fully trust, who fits your day and blends in with all your guests. This is why it is so important to pick the right fit for you both as a couple. Here are our Top 5 Tips: How NOT To Choose Your Wedding Photographer.  

1) On portfolio alone - Yes the website looks great and the images are what you’re after, but their personality may not be. Photographers spend the whole day by your side as well as mingling with your friends & family. Make sure you get along with your photographer, your personalities blend and you’re on the same page.

2) Uncle Bob’s got a camera and will do it for free as he wants to build his portfolio - Photographers all have to start somewhere but the right way to go about it is to second shoot at weddings to get experience without the pressure of supplying a whole wedding’s worth of images. It is a huge job, you are solely relying on this person to capture the biggest day of your life - you do not want this to be your biggest regret!

3) It’s who the venue recommended - Most venues have a ‘recommended photographer’s list’ which will give you a great head start to finding your photographer. Browse through them all and if there’s none that take your fancy - keep searching! Never settle for anyone less than who you want, at the end of the day it is not your venue’s choice.  

4) On price alone - Budgets for wedding photography vary and it is a great thing to agree on before finding your ideal photographer. Don’t let this be the biggest factor though; sales and discounts are great, but the photographer’s work and style is more important.  

5) The first photographer you come across - That’s great, now keep researching. Compare pricing, packages, people, portfolios, areas etc! Get contacting them, meet up with them; you will know who will suit your wedding the best as soon as you meet them. If it happens to be the first photographer you came across then it really is a perfect match.