Top 5 Reasons I Love Being A Wedding Photographer

Time flies when you're having fun. Since shooting my first wedding towards the end of 2013 I really have loved every minute of being a wedding photographer. I have been on a massive journey since then continually learning , improving and growing. When I speak to guests at weddings they always assume 'you must love your job' and they are absolutely right. Here are my Top 5 Reasons I Love Being A Wedding Photographer. 

1) I love seeing people get married.

By the time I get to the ceremony with my camera, I know a lot about the couple. I intentionally find out every detail from how they met to what their hobbies are so that I can document a true representation of their journey so far and the start of their next chapter as a married couple. From the initial enquiry, to the meet-up and numerous emails that follow, we have usually been discussing the wedding for around a year since they booked me. This makes me so excited to finally see all the hard work, plans and dreams become a reality. 

2) I get to run my own business

This was probably not something I’d really considered before when I used to dream of being a photographer but it is very, very exciting. I’m always learning new skills, new ways of doing things and continuing to make Heels & Horseshoes flourish. I love having the freedom and flexibility to plan my own schedule and I also love the extra tasks running a business includes like; blogging, bookkeeping, marketing and designing.

3) I get to meet lots of new people & make new friends

From other wedding vendors, to clients, to suppliers I meet a lot of people daily. Clients often become friends and I love to hear stories from their honeymoon, how married life is treating them and seeing their family grow. Other photographers and vendors are some of my best friends, as we share this journey together. 

4) Photography is my calling

I’m never more confident than when I have my camera in my hand. I feel comfortable, secure and happy. My job is fulfilling and I’ve found what I was destined to do. I love capturing photographs, making the couple laugh and all of the creative editing after. The Bride & Groom are always happy, as are their guests. There is nothing more beautiful than spending my working day surrounded by pure joy.

5) Something I create gets passed on for generations

This always baffles me. I love that photographs I have created are hanging on people’s walls, shared over Facebook and printed in keepsake albums. It is an incredible honour to create physical memories for everyone to enjoy for years to come.