How To Achieve Your Goals

I like to use the 1st of each month as a mini-fresh start. To reflect on what I achieved in the previous month and take forward lessons learned into the next month. The only way to build a business is to take what you do well and make it even better and take what you didn’t do well and be sure not to do it again! Here are my top tips on how to achieve your goals and the rules I am following for the next month.

Make It Visible

Who doesn’t love a notebook of ideas, a vision board or at least a Pinterest board? In order to make dreams more of a reality you need to be able to see them. I’m going to do the latter, the last thing my tiny flat needs is an array of messy vision boards all over the place. After this post is written I will be off to Pinterest to make a secret board for each major goal. 

(Don’t) Tell People

A secret board? But a lot of articles say that in order to make dreams work you have to tell people? In fact I’m thinking the opposite. These are very personal goals and I want to work hard on them behind the scenes and then share my success of achieving them. 

Set a date

I set multiple goals at the same time for intention of completion over 12 weeks periods. I’m finding it a bit difficult to spread myself thinly over each so I will give more effort to each one in a timely manner.

Set sub-goals

You know when you have a big overwhelming header, then some sub headers to break it up and make it feel a little more bearable? That is what I need. Small manageable everyday tasks that keep the ball rolling and the momentum flowing. 

Set an end result

I’m actually so used to not achieving things that I don’t even set an end result. I feel like things are different this time, I mean look at all this planning I’m doing. For each goal I’m going to specify what will mark that I’ve achieved it, how it would make me feel and how I would celebrate it. 

Trust the universe

I will ask the universe for its help and guidance, I will then stay positive and grateful knowing that everything will work out just fine.  

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