Forest Family Photos


I felt excited for the photoshoot as it had been the first time we'd be able to have some good quality pictures of us taken together as a family. During it felt very natural, calm & relaxed.. I was happy for Gemma to lead the way with her expert eye for perfect photo opportunities. Gemma was extremely professional and was brilliant in making us all feel at ease.

The children really enjoyed it.. albeit in different ways. My children are all very different, but took it all in their stride. My eldest was rather shy and not naturally comfortable in front of the camera which was a complete contrast to my other daughter who loved it and showed us all how to pose! She was a complete natural.


I'm not sure I prepared for it in any other way other than just making sure everyone was comfortable in what they were wearing and that it represented them as a person. You want that individuality & personality to come through. We were really lucky with the weather that day. Because it was Autumn, I chose to have the pictures taken in a forest as it's the best place to capture the colours and environment of that time of year for me. Autumn to me means woodland walks. The sun was shining through the trees and it was unusually mild for that time, so it just made for a beautiful, natural setting.

My tips for parents would be just to make sure they're comfortable in whichever way that means.. as it's the best chance to release that personality. Even if it means taking an item with them to help do so.. anything that represents them as a person. Gemma was wonderful with my children. My youngest was getting tired as he was due a nap, so the last few shots were getting hard to get. But she was able to capture his attention in order to get the shot. So I'd say leave till after nap times of you're planning on having pics with you get children.

I've put the majority of my pictures in frames dotted around my house, and also made a collage with them all. I received the images before Christmas - so they also made good presents for family members. I would most definitely recommend Gemma to everyone I know, and already have. It was a wonderful experience with amazing pictures and I will definitely be doing it again.