Things not to do when planning a wedding: Follow Trends

The time has come. You're engaged and ready to plan your big day. By now you've probably already got some photos saved on your phone, a secret pinterest board and followed your favourite vendors on instagram! Now you can start ordering your 'wedding planner notebook', make a scrap book and get your ideas on paper.

As tempting as it can be to start googling 'Wedding trends for summer 2018' or 'Popular wedding ideas' it can often be that these will not be the ideas that will create the day of your dreams. In fact this guide will give you insight into why following trends is actually not a good idea.

Don't Be Someone You're Not

By now you know who you are, what suits you, what looks good on you and what represents you as a couple. Don't follow a trend that doesn't tick all of those boxes because you will only regret it. Your wedding day is exactly that YOURS. There is no point doing a DIY wedding when you're a more traditional couple. There's no point getting married on a farm when you want a BOHO style dress. Everything should seamlessly fit together and match.

This Is The Day You Want To Look Your Very Best And Nothing Less

The photographs will last forever! If you usually wear minimal makeup you will REGRET the bright red lipstick. If you usually have long hair the week leading up to your wedding is not the time for a re-style. Figure out exactly what you want and how you want to look and you can try different styles in the run up.

DIY Weddings Are Hard Work

You've seen the images on Pinterest of the centre pieces, the origami flower arrangements, the ladder table plan, the sweet cart and the glamping sites for the guests. Every little detail takes time. If you live a busy lifestyle you need to be realistic of how much you can take on. If you have a large group of friends and family that are willing to help that is great but you don't want them taking on too much. You need the healthy balance of others being happy to have an input as opposed to them resenting you and your wedding because it takes up every spare moment they get. Take on professional help; you could get a wedding planner to make your ideas a realtiy and help you to be realistic along the way.

Your Partner's Opinion Counts

Yes the festival themed wedding you want to have would be so much fun, but if your partner isn't keen you must be willing to compromise. Most couples have usually discussed their wedding before the proposal in terms of things they'd like and not want so hopefully by now you are nearly on the same page. Make every decision a mutual one.

You Want Your Wedding To Stand Out

Why would you want to follow wedding trends that every other couple is too? Make your day unique and truely represent you both... it's YOUR day. Pick your theme based on what you both love, pick your colours on what suits you, pick your venue on what is meaningful and appropriate and lastly pick food, decor, music, cake that your guests will love!

I go into more detail in this video too...