The Heels And Horseshoes Branding Relaunch

I’m so so SO SO excited to finally be writing this post on my brand new shiny website! I can’t begin to tell you how long this has been in the pipeline and finally my visions are a reality. 

The Design Process

I really wanted to combine my passion for the countryside into my branding. This in turn gives the feel for the weddings that I love to photograph including DIY, farm, boho, garden party and festival vibes. 

I chose a bright coloured palette to include countryside shades like green, mustard and rustic orange. I tried some more pastel shades but they didn’t work in complimenting my images and brand.

For graphics I wanted floral patterns, to include a peacock feather and a horseshoe. I was going for an overall very girly, quirky design which would stand out. 

Here is my branding board: 

I teamed up with the lovely Paloma from to bring my visions and terrible sketches into the wonderful digital designs that you can now see. Using her incredible design skills combined with her website knowledge we were able to complete the website and keep all material consistent. 

A lot of hard work has gone into the rebranding and I am so thrilled that all of the hours have paid off. I hope you love it as much as we do.