Confessions of a bride-to-be: I became a Bridezilla

Hello again,

Gosh, reading back my last post and I really sound as though I’m hating everything about this wedding!! I’m most definitely not. I cannot wait to marry Craig and I can’t wait for it to be at the beach. I can’t wait to go for a meal afterwards with our families. I cannot wait for our garden party and fish and chips and music and being surrounded by our family and friends. I love that we have been able to design a wedding that is suited for us. Where I am going to feel happy and relaxed all day. Yippeeeee!!

“Confession #10: I became a Bridezilla!”

NEVER did I think I would become a Bridezilla, even less did I think that that would be over a blummin marquee! It is one of the last things that needs to be checked off the “to-do” list. I had planned that it would go in Mum and Dad’s garden, tucked out the way so it leaves our garden as an open space for people to sit in the sunshine, play games and listen to music. Alas, my parents did not agree. The Bridezilla moment only last about 5 minutes but I absolutely refused to understand their way of thinking – that perhaps the marquee should be in Craig and mines garden (our garden and my parents garden back onto each other and are only separated by a small gate and picket fence) so that everyone is together. My issue with this was that it takes up quite a lot of our garden and I’d pictured the musician playing in that area and everyone sitting around to watch, and they wouldn’t be able to if there was a marquee in the way! We also disagreed about the size of it, but that was soon sorted once we measured out the space and realised the size they wanted wouldn’t have fit anyway (Whoop! Haha!!). Craig, I think, had also seen my vision and didn’t really want it in our garden. After some thinking, I came to the decision that if it looks like the weather is going to be sunny on the Saturday then the marquee can go in Mum and Dad’s garden, but if it looks like rain, then it can go in Craig and my garden, so everyone can be in one place whilst we huddle out of the rain. Perfect! And that was the Bridezilla moment over. For now at least…!

This month we have also booked our honeymoon! We are both so excited! Building work seems to still be dragging on at our house, so we are still living with my parents, who are being so wonderful about it and we are soooo thankful to them for letting us outstay what was supposed to be our 3 months of living with them….we are now onto our 9th month!!! We hope to be living in our own home for Christmas. I am adamant about this – even if it means we have a microwave and toaster as our kitchen. I mean you can’t beat Bovril on crumpets for Christmas lunch?! The upstairs should definitely be finished by then, as will the living room, so I think it will be habitable for sure! But we would really just like some luxury so the thought of our honeymoon is absolutely at the fore front of our minds at the moment! By that time the house will definitely be finished, the wedding will be over and we can just stop and relax and not have anything to worry about. Ahhhh, it sounds like bliss! Just typing this I feel like I am in that moment in time and it feels amazing! I may have to bring my mind here as my happy place from now on!! It’s not that I want the wedding to be over and done with, I can’t wait to really enjoy the day, but it will be nice to not have to worry about the weather or fitting into a dress, or getting a spot or any other silly little things! We are going to Singapore for one week and then the Maldives for two weeks. I grew up in Singapore, moving back to England in Year 10, so I am so excited to show Craig where I lived, went to school and to show him the best places for food and the places I always enjoyed visiting. We went to the Maldives together a few years back now, and are going to go back to the same island. We have booked ourselves a Jacuzzi Water Villa and I can’t wait!!! I went with my parents a few years before I met Craig and we stayed in one of these and the bed looked straight out onto the sea. There was a veranda attached to the villa that had steps that went straight into the sea too. Ahhhhhh I can’t waaaaaiiittt!!! Unlimited cocktails and food too. Bliss!!

Another thing Craig and I have been thinking more about this month is the song we are going to walk down the aisle to. Craig doesn’t want anything too soppy and I don’t really either, because I know I will cry if it’s too emotional! He’s also threatening to do the floss as I walk down the aisle. I think if he did, it would result in my second Bridezilla moment!! I am expecting him to be blubbing the moment he sees me, not doing the bloody floss. Boys, hey. I’m not sure what we’ll go for. We went to a Joshua Radin gig the other weekend and were supposed to listen out for something then, but I got too engrossed by his voice (and cider(!) and reuniting with an old Uni friend) and forgot to listen to the lyrics. Oooops!

Next month we have our meeting at the Town Hall to do our Notice of Marriage stuff…whatever that is. I know we’re supposed to take bits in to prove we are who we say we are, but, apart from that, I’m not too sure what it will involve!

It’s all coming together now. I will soon be Mrs Evans! Yahoo!

See you all soon – maybe we will be living in our own house in my next post!

Emma xxx

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