Confession #9: Can it be over now?


Long time, no blog! Sorry for no April blog. March and April were an absolute blur: building work began; had two assignments due; spent a week commuting to and from Norwich each day; busy weekends and trying to spend time with Craig, friends and family!  This month has been busy but it has also been quite productive. I have been sending emails left, right and centre. Although I’m still finding that people aren’t replying or have no urgency, so some things I’ve tried to organise have fallen flat on their face. By my list, Save the Dates were supposed to be sent in April – this hasn’t happened so I’m really hoping they will be sent next month as I’m getting worried about people booking holidays! I’ve also tried to sort out flowers but this has been an issue too – either people not getting back to me or quoting me but missing out things we have spoken about. I honestly have to say that Gemma has been the only one who has given me a solid plan and got back to me quickly! Having so much up in the air is definitely not fun for someone who constantly worries. So, with that…

Confession #9: Can it be over now?

I can’t wait for the day when there is no building work or decorating to think about. I can’t wait for when there are no assignments to worry about. I can’t wait to not have to worry about the weather on the wedding day or that the musician won’t turn up or that the fish and chip van won’t fit up the drive! I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with myself after July 2019 – just lots of sitting still, please!

Planning so far has provided so many anxious butterflies and, to be honest, I haven’t enjoyed a single thing about it…EXCEPT…we went for a food tasting and that was pretty awesome! We knew we wanted a fish and chip van from a company that also did an ice cream bike, so sourced one out and asked them if we could come and see them at an event. We got a free portion of a huge piece of fish and chips each and a cup of tea. Perfect. Even more so, that after we’d polished those off, we were presented with six scoops of different flavoured ice cream. The lady actually said “You don’t actually need to eat all of these, it’s just to sample them!” and I replied, “No, no, they will be eaten!” and I did not disappoint – nor did the ice cream. We have now paid the deposit and I am so looking forward to the food on the day.

Another thing we have sorted is the musician. I am so excited about it. About four years ago, Craig took me to see McFly at the o2 arena. We arrived early so that we could get some food beforehand and have a little explore. There was live music in one area of the restaurant section where street food was being served. We decided to sit there, rather than in a restaurant, ordered a beer, a hot dog and listened to the live music. It was the perfect start to the evening. Then a lady came on stage called Emma Stevens. She sang with her guitar or ukulele, a backing band and it was just so authentic. It was folky, pop music, perfect for a sunny summer’s day. The next day, I downloaded some of her music. I told Mum and Dad about her and it turns out she had been on Chris Evans show on Radio 2 and they had heard her and also really loved her music! I make Craig a “Mix Tape of Cheese” CD every Christmas and that year it featured two of her songs (“A Place Called You” and “Riptide”) so we have listened to her music quite regularly since then. When it came to the garden party, we thought we would do with an iPod playlist (including an amalgamation of all the Mix Tapes of Cheese from over the years). As time has gone on though, I have toyed with the idea of having a live band after the fish and chips, so we can put some picnic blankets out and some deckchairs and just have a chill whilst drinking some Pimms, eating an ice cream and listening to some summery music. I contacted her agent not thinking I’d really hear anything back but I did and she is going to perform at the weekend garden party. I am so excited!! You should definitely look her up on iTunes or YouTube if you need some more summery songs.




I have also met with a flower lady since the last blog. I met with one last year who I really loved and who came up with an amazing PowerPoint with photos and the flowers she wanted to use, with pricing and it was just all so professional. I then obviously had to say to her that we’d moved the wedding, but I’ve tried contacting her again this year and have not really had any luck! I therefore met with someone different, but she just didn’t really compare professionalism wise. She turned up late to the meeting and even though she was nice, and brought some photos of previous work for me to look at, which all looked great, when she sent the quote, she had missed several things off and then given wrong numbers for other bits. Perhaps I just need to find a different person altogether. If anyone has any recommendations then please let me know!

We have also arranged for our engagement shoot in September (only a year and a half after the event!). I can’t wait for it. It will be such a great opportunity for us to begin to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I guess we will also see what kind of photos we like. It’s like a bit of a practise run, which I think is a really good idea.

During May, I hope to finally get the Save the Dates posted. I also want to find a florist and we hope to go to an Emma Stevens gig, in Bristol, just to confirm our choice. Looks like another busy month ahead. The builders are hoping to get the house up to the correct height and put in some steel work in the next month too. We also plan to finish a flower bed at the end of the garden – we have ordered a bench and got the lady who used to live in the house ashes, to bury in the flower bed and put a bench in her memory there. She was like mine and my brother’s third grandma, and she absolutely loved her garden and being at home, so it’s wonderful that we can have her ashes with us and for her to watch all of our families grow. We will be doing some paving to go over the ashes, within the flower bed, for the bench to stand on so will need to do that during May too. We have also ordered two sheds so have arranged for my uncle to come back and make some bases for those and then we can pack the final bits from the house away! I have managed to get a teeny bit ahead with assignments and the next one isn’t due until the end of May so I have a few weeks until I need to start worrying about the next one of those, thankfully as, just typing this, I am getting palpitations – argh!! One exciting thing in May (apart from the gig in Bristol), is that we will be christening my gorgeous little niece next weekend. I am going to be Godmother and I just can’t wait for a day all about her and thinking (worrying!!) about nothing else but love and family.

So many exciting things going on but I still can’t wait for it to all be over and for when we are jetting off on honeymoon – where that will be, who knows!!

Hopefully next month I will be feeling a bit more relaxed?!?!?!



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