Confessions of a bride-to-be: My stomach is a cavernous pit that can never be full


March, already! I thought this year was going slowly to begin with – January felt so long but February has flown by.

I said in the last blog post that I was going to try and book the date in this month. They don’t make that easy do they?! I am finding wedding planning so frustrating!  Is that normal?! I thought it was supposed to be exciting and fun and wahoooo times. No. It is not. The town hall responded very quickly to say yes, we can book a viewing and that we will also need to make sure that registrars are available for the day. I replied and said when we’d be available for a viewing…still awaiting a reply but the lady doesn’t work Mondays so I will keep waiting. (She did get back to me and was very lovely and let us go on a Sunday morning for a viewing.). I tried to ring the registrars. They don’t open on the weekend and their week opening times are 9-4. Fine. I rang on my lunch break at 12 to be greeted with a huge monologue telling me about where to register births and deaths, their opening times and what their website is, blah blah blah…to give up and resort to email. I got a reply back to say that I have to ring them, to see availability, except the person doesn’t work Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, only between 11 and 2 on Wednesdays and every third Friday of the month so I will have to try a different day. Are you actually serious?! I just want to get married, people!! I did eventually manage to get hold of the registrars and they DO have availability and the town hall is available too. Wahooo! We now have a date of 11th July 2019 BOOKED!

So how are the other plans going? If you remember, in October or November, Craig and I joined a gym. This is where we start this month’s confession.

Confession #8: My stomach is a cavernous pit that can never be full.


The idea of looking and feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model is definitely still a goal for the wedding. Strutting my stuff (in a lot more than just my undies), feeling confident, and happy within myself, so I can truly enjoy the day. However, and this is where it falls apart, my stomach cannot be satisfied.

Craig and I have been going to the gym at least three times a week, sometimes even four or five times a week. That bit we’ve got down. Although, you would think that would mean we would be losing weight? I’m trying to tell myself it’s because we’re gaining a tonne of muscle (!!), or that because I only weigh occasionally, maybe once a month, it must be because my hair has grown longer and so the weight of that is counteracting the weight of any fat I’ve lost. I haven’t had the sit down with myself yet to explain that I’m not Rapunzel and a month of hair growth will not be pounds of weight.

We are following a 12 week plan on the Sweat app on my phone. The dreamy Kelsey Wells has a guide on there and we are following that. We are supposed to do three, four or five (depending on what you want to do) weight based workouts a week and two or three days of cardio work. The thing is, we haven’t been doing the cardio based training. I had started running frequently and the weight did then drop off, although since coming back from our week away, I haven’t been running at all. It’s either too dark in the morning or too cold. I know I’m making excuses! I said I was going to get back to it this week (today is the 27th Feb) but the Beast from the East has just paid us a visit and I reaaaally don’t fancy running in the snow – I can barely walk in it! I did try on a treadmill but then got shin splints and that made me sit out on any running for three weeks. I may try an exercise bike or something instead….



The real issue arises when there is food around. Neither of us can say no. Every week we plan five meals and buy ingredients for five meals. They are healthy but not boring. We get the recipes from the HelloFresh website. They are always made from scratch and you source all the ingredients from just the fruit and vegetable aisle, or the meat aisle and I like that ethos of food. Of course, there is sometimes pasta or other wholegrain food but it’s basically a “no crap” design. Craig, however, is awful. As soon as he gets home, he will ask what’s for dinner. No matter what recipe it is chicken laksa, chorizo pasta, beef enchiladas, halloumi burgers etc., he will always groan and then do a little grin. I know this grin too well. I see it before he has just thought of a joke he’s about to tell, or when he’s trying to lie (“No, I didn’t just go upstairs, eat two chocolate bars and lay on the bed whilst you were downstairs cooking dinner.” *grin*), or when he doesn’t fancy the meal you have just said and would much rather tuck into a KFC instead. This is the grin I get pretty much every evening, followed by begging for us to have KFC or fish and chips or McDonalds or Dominoes or anything but what I have just said. I would say we eat out, and have something like I’ve just said, maybe once a week and manage to stick to our other meals the rest of the time, but with Craig around it is a struggle!

We’ve also been having really good lunches. We rotate between soups, wraps, hummus and vegetable sticks, for example. We usually have a chicken drumstick or chicken thigh for some protein and then we’ll have an orange and a banana or apple. The difficulty lies in the fact that I am never full. I could aaaalways have something to eat. I will have a huge meal but an hour later I will be looking for something else to top me up again. At work, if I’m having a bad day, I’ll go to the shops and get a large bag of Skips and a Double Decker. [Side note: The area I’m currently in at work always seem to have chocolates or cakes and they stare at me every time I walk past! Who can say no to a slice of cake and a cup of tea at 3:30pm after a busy morning of work?!] Or if it’s chilly, I’ll get a hot chocolate, with cream and marshmallows because what’s the point of not having them when you’re already drinking your weight in chocolate? The calories won’t make any difference! In the evening, we’ll have a chocolate bar or a bowl of cereal or a sticky chai latte.

I know that most of it must be habit.  March is (starting Monday, of course), the month we clean up our eating so we can see all of our hard work at the gym. I will vow to do some kind of HIIT session indoors, if the weather is too poop for a run. I will not buy any crappy food for the house so that we can’t snack on it AND! I will limit us to only one naughty meal a week. Wish us luck!!

Have a wonderful March everyone – the builder finally arrives at our house this month – whoop!! Although don’t think any building is being done, just deliveries of materials and demolishing of concrete floors and conservatories. I’m just so happy that we’re, finally, slowly, getting there with everything!!



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